Blast Your TV Entertainment Through The Roof With These Top PC TV Software Packages That Delivers The Next Best Thing To Satellite And Cable Television!

There’s always some new technology or device hitting the market everyday, and with Internet television/videos continuing to generate high interest, more people of all ages are searching for ways to watch TV on their computers. The cheapest, fastest, and most easiest way to do this comes when downloading one of the top PC TV software packages included in this review.

When doing so you now have the ability to harness the power of the Internet with instant access to all its free media. But in order for that to happen, there are two requirements: 1) Must have a Windows, Windows 7, XP, Vista, or MAC computer (desktop or laptop) with an Internet broadband connection; 2) PC TV software download.

Watching TV on your computer (compared to the high cost of Satellite and Cable) offers more savings, variety, freedom, flexibility, and mobility. With everything within your fingertips, you can easily get instant access to your favorite sporting event, radio channel, television episode, movie, music, and other channels across the globe (in many different languages).

Watching TV on a PC is no longer a pipe dream… it’s real and here to stay. Just Imagine creating your own super computer Internet television system using your desktop or a mobile TV system using a laptop to watch whatever you want, when you want, and from any location in or out of your home. That's the power of downloading a PC TV software which helps you set everything up within minutes.

So explore these high in demand products included in these  reviews and discover how they can work for you. Your search might just end here!

5 stars

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Features: 5 stars
5 stars

Satellite Direct TV

As competitive as the market is today, Satellite Direct TV has gradually made itself into a highly reputable service that seems to have put a lot of effort into making their PC TV software package legal. And, it should be noted they don't over hype the product/service like many competitors.

You’ll understand this better when visiting their site and reading the TOS (Terms of Services/Disclaimer) which makes it crystal-clear that you won't get any premium paid channels such as, Starz, HBO, Cinemax, Showtime, and others.

And quite frankly, that would be illegal had they included them. So not to get confused when seeing the term ‘Satellite’ included in the name, you get the next best thing to Satellite/Cable instead.

That said, Satellite Direct promises to give you 3,500+ HD channels and radio stations of many different varieties. Some of the popular ones include, but limited to, sports, TV shows, and movies.

And with 24/7 unlimited access, no hardware installation or monthly fees, to name a few, you can get everything setup in 1-2-3 easy steps. That means downloading the software, installing it to your hard drive, and clicking your way to watching TV on your computer.

That's understandable seeing how that's partly what made SatelliteDirect a popular choice, as it continues to emerge and stay on top of the competition. With its so-called 'easy enough that a caveman can do it' setup, certainly makes it easy for anyone to turn their computers into a super entertainment center within one minute.

Admittedly, that timeline could vary depending on your internet connection speed - but not by very much. Therefore, understand that when it comes to PC TV software, higher the connection speed increases the overall performance.  

Not to forget, what comes with the software is a complete package that includes the SatelliteDirect TV player pre-loaded with 1000s of channels, All-in-One Member’s Area where everything begins (in one place), and Lifetime Membership consisting of free on-going software upgrades, channel updates, and tech support.

Once the Satellite Direct TV client is up and running, watching TV is as simple as selecting a channel from the sidebar. To be honest, there are a lot of channels available - possibly even more than the advertised 3,500. But, it’s during this juncture when you'll start to notice that some of the channels may not load properly, or may simply show up as unavailable.

Still, the huge number of options available along with some pretty nice feature enhancements that also allow you to update channels automatically, makes this not a big issue. But then again, it could become somewhat of an annoyance at times.

To be perfectly frank, many people worry about the streaming of TV channels over the Internet which relates to the video quality. But with Satellite Direct that doesn't seem to pose too much of an problem.

Even though some channels will have a poorer picture quality than others and distort in full screen, there exist many other channels with high resolutions making them crisp and clear.

As you might expected, streaming these channels with a 56k modem or inferior connection speed can make the video a bit choppy - but if using a broadband connection such as a DSL or High Speed Internet connection, you most definitely will notice a big difference in both the picture quality and overall performance.

Perhaps the biggest issue that many people might have with the Satellite Direct software is the fact that it claims to give you x-amount of channels from different countries. However, those numbers either must be off or outdated due to the total number of channels on the client itself that doesn't quite hold up with the claims.
Therefore, you could very well become disappointed when searching for a specific TV channel from a particular country.

But if you're looking to save a great deal on your monthly satellite/cable bill, have a decent internet connection speed, and willing to face the fact that some channels may not work sometimes, it may be well worth the effort to look further into the Satellite Direct TV software.

All in all, if comparing Satellite Direct to a monthly satellite or cable bill, the savings can be tremendous. And the options that you have like connecting your computer Internet TV system to your TV set at home or create a mobile TV to take to work, on a trip, college dorm, and elsewhere, might be even more appealing to watch TV on your PC.

Also, keep in mind this software is Satellite Direct MAC compatible, unlike most of its competitors that are only compatible to Windows, Windows 7, XP, and Vista operating systems. SatelliteDirect is compatible to all of them which explains why this service is so popular.

Still with some channels unable to play at times, it's the other channels and TV player feature enhancements that make up for the pitfalls. The cost is a one-time fee of $49.95 USD that gives you a lifetime service  which in turn keeps the Satellite Direct TV software like-new and up-to-date.

One other thing to note is that you won't find much 'How-To' help among many of the competitors out there without paying the membership fee first. SatelliteDirect on the other hand gives you all the How-To's with diagrams that covers the downloading, installing, and navigating the software, as well as shows how to connect your computer to your HDTV/LCD.

Click here to visit Satellite Direct TV for more information

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4 stars

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Features: 5 stars
5 stars

iSoftware TV

Perhaps you never thought you could watch TV on a PC until now, or for that fact watch whatever you want from any location which includes sports, TV episodes, movies, and other great stuff. That brings us to the iSoftwareTV service which is similar to our #1 recommendation you might have read earlier.

This service has 7 years under it's belt and is still going strong which says a lot about it's reputation and following legal guidelines to keep itself in existence.

Nevertheless, what's more important is the use of the software and its delivery of TV channels, radio stations, videos, and other media. Like the other services out there, iSoftwareTV makes downloading and installing the software very easy. When downloading the client which starts with the 'All-in-One' Member's Area, there's a separate section for 'Live Sports'.

Even though this appears to be a nice addition, you are actually taken to other websites where you must first download additional clients (software) before you can watch a sporting event. Not to say this is any different from any other service, it's just that you'll want to make sure there is enough free memory space on your hard drive. So be sure to check the recommended requirements.

But the advantages are clear when wanting to watch a sporting event on your regular TV and can't for whatever reason. The iSoftwareTV makes a nice option or backup if you will that enables you to watch a ballgame from mostly any country on your computer.

When exploring the member's area further, you'll find links to various premium TV channels like CBS, ABC, NBC, BBC, ESPN, and channels all over the world. The seller's TV player which you will download also provides many channels and radio stations. Also, there's a nice music section that easily connects to your favorites with a stroke of a key.
However, the iSoftwareTV software shares a lot in common with SatelliteDirect TV channels, even though it seems to be more on the shy side when it comes down to the resolution of channels. Still, most channels are good to very good in picture quality and load/play quickly when using a broadband connection.  

Sadly to say, the same issue that occurs with all the other services out there including the ones here, some channels experience temporary downtimes or don't work at all. But, keep in mind that channels can be updated which is one of the feature enhancements. You'll only experience this with the iSoftware TV player from time to time.

Although the overall package of the iSoftwareTV might not fair as well as its rival, it does however make up for where it falls short in the additional services. Certainly, all of these free services can be found on your own when putting in the time and effort. But having everything completely laid out before you and all the work already completed, a lot of time and effort is saved when downloading this software.

One other nice perk that comes with the iSoftwareTV service is its membership payment options, you get three which includes: One. Pay the full price of $35.95 for a lifetime membership; Two. Pay $2.49 per month for a year access ($29.88 in total). Three. Pay $1.37 per month for a $2.49 year membership ($32.88 in total). 

The advantage here as you can see is that it fits economically for those who are low on funds. Since there's no free trial to test the software, you only lose $1 or $2 the first month--if for some reason the software doesn't meet your expectation and you cancel membership.

Considering this service is similar to what the competition has to offer, the one way in which it does stand out is by offering the cheapest method of getting TV on your PC. It is easy to see why the iSoftwareTV system is so widely used - it may not be perfect, but it is extremely reasonably priced and could easily fulfill the role that it is suppose to play.

On the whole, obviously the iSoftwareTV service is similar to many of its competitors in what they offer. But what separates it is providing the cheapest method possible to watch TV on your PC fast and easy. It may not beat our #1 recommendation but it certainly beats it price-wise.

Click here to visit iSoftware TV for more information

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4 stars

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Features: 5 stars
5 stars

Satellite TV for PC

Of all the top services offered that allows you to view TV through your PC, Satellite TV for PC is a fairly popular yet often overlooked alternative. In stark contrast to polished exterior of its competitors, it appears to embrace a more bare-boned approach right from the start.

Considering it is priced at $49.95 (which is exactly the same as Satellite Direct TV) you would be forgiven if you initially jump to the conclusion that it does not justify its price.

The Satellite TV for PC is perhaps the most popular of its peers since it's been around for some time now. But then again, it's one of the most sought after services which probably had more to do with a high-driven marketing campaign, than anything else.

In any case, by it offering what many top PC TV software services deliver, this one brings a higher recognition than most--even though you might frown a bit on the $49.95 price.

By the way, that price is for the Satellite TV for PC Elite Edition which happens to be the best seller out of three editions offered by SatelliteSoft. With basically the same perks, issues, and claims to watching TV on your PC, the Elite offers more channels at over 4000+.

To be clear, many of these packages come with an All-in-One Member's Area, the vendor's proprietary TV player, lifetime memberships, and bonuses. The Satellite TV for PC Elite is no different from the related issues that all PC TV software products have, but it does offer a very good hi-tech TV player with some really nice feature enhancements.

Some of these features include giving you the ability to update your channels if they don't work any longer, adding channels to favorites, and adding your own channels you find on the Intenet. This enables you to personalize your TV player more. There are many other features but once again they are not all unique as other services like this one usualy have them as well.

Be aware however that there is more to this PC TV software package than meets the eye.

Inside the All-in-One Member's Area, the Satellite TV for PC easily guides you along to performing 3 simple steps. The first being the most essential step as it instructs how to install the hi-tech TV player and free software if your PC requires them such as RealPlayer, Quicktime, Microsoft Media Player, Adobe Flash, and not to mention the Microsoft Net Framework that old computers may not have or up to date.

The next two steps essentially unveils its services as it offers web-based streaming from many different 3rd party websites, and many of them being very popular. But again, there's nothing too different here as many of the other services connects you to all of these free sources also.

As you can see the true value is definitely within the All-in-One Members Area where everthing begins and can be found in one area. It brings everything together while helping to deliver the best of free Internet TV media to your computer. What separates the Satellite TV for PC from others is it gives you 4 other clients (TV players).

This includes Miro, TVANTS, TVU, CAST, and SOP which are free software also used to watch television online. Therefore, this gives you a wealth of options to watch TV on your Windows, Windows 7, XP or Vista desktop/laptop computer.

The drawback to downloading any of these clients could be that you don't have enough free space on your hard drive, and it's important to have anti-virus, spyware and adware protection software installed on your computer. This is because you never know what's secretly attacking your computer.

Satellite TV for PC claims its software is spyware, adware, and virus free but it's the other places over the Net that may be unsafe. This is true whether or not you any PC TV software. So as a precaustion, it's important to keep your PC protected at all times regardless what anyone may say.

Getting back to the additional TV player clients, you might consider it being a trade off when having access to over 5,000 channels easily, which by the way, you will be requred ro download updated versions from time to time.

All things put aside, once you've actually tried out what the Satellite TV for PC Elite Edition offers, you'll find that its service will streamline setting up a super computer Internet TV system, and saves you time when not having to search for channels online yourself.

However, although this software is still popular today, some of it's competitors have advanced in other areas that make the Satellite TV for PC Elite including its other editions fall a tad behind.

Still, it continues to be a fan favorite and remains one of the elite PC TV software packages on the market today.

Click here to visit Satellite TV for PC for more information

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